Accelerating benefits to patients

27 January 2012

Guidance aimed at helping The Francis Crick Institute to accelerate the benefits to patients from its work has been published.

The recommendations were made by a group of experts brought together by the Crick Executive. 

The group, which met in October at the Wellcome Trust, included the former health minister Lord Ara Darzi, the Crick’s chairman Sir David Cooksey, Dr Rebecca Fitzgerald from the MRC’s Cancer Cell Unit in Cambridge, and Professor Shitij Kapur from King’s Institute of Psychiatry.

A series of short presentations prompted discussion on aspects which help or hinder success in the process (known as clinical translation), from which a series of key points and recommendations emerged.

These insights will be taken into account by the Crick in further developing its Scientific Vision and Research strategy.

You can read or download a summary of the key recommendations and a full list of the participants here


  • The presentations highlighted key areas which were further explored in discussions around a range of topics related to facilitating successful clinical translation
  • The group explored factors that help or impede the application of scientific discoveries for patient benefit
  • The aim of the meeting was to inform the Crick’s strategic development