Science news: Sep 2012

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Enzyme discovery may lead to new ways to fight malaria

The discovery of a unique enzyme in the malaria parasite may lead to new strategies to prevent the spread of the disease.
20 September 2012

Trojan horse that helps virus invade a cell also plays a key role in spreading infection

Scientists at Cancer Research UK’s London Research Institute have found an unexpected role for a protein that helps viruses to invade host cells.
13 September 2012

Sex chromosome battle leads to more female mice

Studying mice, researchers have found the first evidence in mammals of a battle between the X and Y chromosomes, which changes the balance of male and female offspring.
13 September 2012

GM mice to help unravel mystery of cot death

A mouse model of SIDS (cot death) has linked low oxygen in babies with heart changes and death.
12 September 2012

Vitamin D aids TB recovery

Adding vitamin D to antibiotic treatment may speed tuberculosis recovery and reduce lung damage.
04 September 2012