Science news: Apr 2013

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Flu virus breakthrough without studying infectious material

New research means that it is now possible to predict the strength with which flu viruses bind to host cells without the need to work with infectious material.
24 April 2013

Epigenetic changes shed light on biological mechanism of autism

In the largest study of it’s kind, King’s College London Researchers have identified patterns of epigenetic changes involved in autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
23 April 2013

Search for new antibiotics advanced by discovery of key processes within bacterial protein

Scientists have discovered how bacteria transport the tiny hair-like strands, called pili, which cover their outer surface from the inside of the cell, where they are assembled, to the exterior.
11 April 2013

Stem cells enable personalised treatment for bleeding disorder

A study of blood stem cells has shed light on a common bleeding disorder and may enable personalised treatment in the future.
05 April 2013