Science news: Jun 2013

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Discovery of new metabolic pathway offers TB treatment hope

Scientists have identified a new enzyme and related metabolic pathway in the bacterium that causes human TB, opening up the possibility of new treatment targets.
25 June 2013

Rare pregnancy condition programmes babies to become overweight

Babies born to mothers who suffer from a rare metabolic complication during pregnancy are programmed to be overweight.
24 June 2013

Stopping the spread of cancer cells through the body

Cancer cells use different mechanisms to spread in the body depending on their environment and different drugs are needed to stop the different types of movement.
23 June 2013

Genetic roots of migraine uncovered

The discovery of five genetic regions linked to the onset of migraine is an important step forward in understanding the cause and biological triggers underlying this debilitating disorder.
23 June 2013

H7N9 bird flu virus prefers to infect birds to humans

The current H7N9 bird flu virus circulating in China has not acquired a preference for human hosts over birds.
20 June 2013

'Chase and run' cell movement mechanism explains metastasis

Understanding how cancer cells interact with healthy cells to migrate and spread around the body, causing tumours at secondary sites.
16 June 2013

The role of the spleen in fighting malaria

Increased production in the spleen of myeloid cells, which are the precursors to some types of blood cell and are usually produced in the bone marrow, helps to combat malaria.
06 June 2013

Targeted drug delivery could be transformed by microbubble technology

Scientists have found a way to illuminate tiny bubbles which are used to track blood flow with medical imaging.
04 June 2013