Science news: Nov 2013

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Enzyme target identified for experimental antimalarial drugs

An enzyme called PI4K that is vital for the growth and development of many of the parasite species that cause malaria has been identified as the target of a new class of experimental drugs.
28 November 2013

Gene mutation can cause excessive alcohol drinking

The discovery of a gene that regulates alcohol consumption and, when faulty, can cause excessive drinking in mice.
26 November 2013

Treating risk factors could cut obesity-related risk of heart disease and stroke

Controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke associated with being overweight or obese.
22 November 2013

Different gene expression in male and female brains helps explain differences in brain disorders

Widespread differences in how genes are expressed in male and female brains may help to explain differences in susceptibility to brain diseases among men and women
22 November 2013

TB bacteria missing genetic signposts for proteins during latent infection

The discovery of an unusual process for the translation of genes into proteins for TB bacteria during latent infection may help in search for new antibiotics.
21 November 2013

Protein essential for blood stem cells may lead to new leukaemia target

A protein called HIF-2alpha is crucial to the survival of haematopoetic stem cells and may lead to a new target for leukaemia treatment.
07 November 2013

Discovery of HIV 'invisibility cloak' reveals new treatment opportunities

A molecular ‘invisibility cloak’ allows the HIV virus to hide inside cells without triggering an immune response. An experimental drug used to ‘uncloak’ the virus and may lead to improved treatments for HIV and AIDS.
07 November 2013

IVF conception not linked to increased childhood cancer risk

Children conceived using IVF and similar techniques has found no increased risk of childhood cancers compared with babies conceived naturally.
06 November 2013

World first pre-eclampsia test could save hundreds of babies

A new rapid blood test can accurately diagnose pre-eclampsia, a severe type of high blood pressure in pregnancy that is potentially fatal for the mother and baby.
04 November 2013