Science news: Dec 2013

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Fruit fly research turns established dogma on its head

A widely accepted notion about an important signalling protein that determines patterning and growth during embryonic development has been refuted by new research.
25 December 2013

Malaria drug target raises hopes for new treatments

A new study that has found a way to stop the malaria parasite from multiplying is hoped to lead to much needed new treatments for the disease.
22 December 2013

Enzyme structure discovery heralds new drugs for obesity and diabetes

The discovery of a binding site for drugs that activate a key metabolic enzyme is expected to enable the design of treatments for conditions such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.
19 December 2013

Novel genetic mutations discovered that cause neuromuscular disease in children

Mutations in a gene involved in maintaining correct calcium levels in mitochondria have been found to cause neurological and muscular disease in children.
17 December 2013

HIV virus uses ‘accessory proteins’ to turn host cell on itself

Research showing how ‘accessory proteins’ carried by the HIV virus make a host cell disable its own anti-viral defences may lead to a completely new way to treat HIV/AIDS.
15 December 2013

New drug target stems from malaria enzyme discovery

An enzyme involved in the blood stage of malaria has been found to also be crucial to the liver stage of infection.
12 December 2013

Skin's own cells offer new hope for skin repair

Important inroads into understanding how the skin repairs itself, with implications for ageing and for improving treatments for skin injuries.
12 December 2013

5-ALA amino acid and iron combo point to revolutionary new anti-malaria drug

Researchers have shown how the amino acid 5-aminolevulinic acid and iron prevent malaria, in findings that are expected to lead to the development of new preventative drugs.
01 December 2013