Science news: May 2014

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New epilepsy treatment offers ‘on demand’ seizure suppression

A new epilepsy treatment combines genetic and chemical approaches to suppress seizures without disrupting normal brain function.
27 May 2014

‘Virus-fighting’ protein can increase flu severity

Type 1 interferons, which elicit a disease-fighting effect in response to most viruses, can have the opposite effect in flu.
21 May 2014

New insights into drug targets for sleeping sickness

An enzyme which allows trypanosome parasites, which cause sleeping sickness, to evade human defences is a promising new drug target.
19 May 2014

Scientists discover ‘brakes’ to stop cancer-causing ‘car crashes’ in cells

Scientists have discovered that a protein called RECQL5 appears to stop cancer by protecting DNA from snapping.
15 May 2014

Having eczema may reduce your risk of skin cancer

Researchers have discovered that defects in the skin that cause eczema could reduce the risk of developing skin cancer
06 May 2014

Structure of important malaria enzyme solved

The x-ray crystallographic structure of a key malaria parasite enzyme, SUB1. The work is hoped to help in the search for new antimalarial drugs.
02 May 2014

New genetic discovery could improve diagnosis of childhood TB

The discovery of a distinctive genetic 'signature' in the blood of children with TB offers new hope for improved diagnosis of the disease.
01 May 2014

B3 treatment for ataxia shows promise in first human trial

The first human trial of vitamin B3 has shown early promise against Friedreich’s ataxia, a debilitating degenerative disease with no treatment or cure.
01 May 2014