Science news: Jun 2014

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New test predicts the risk of non-hereditary breast cancer

A simple blood test is currently in development that could help predict the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer, even in the absence of a high-risk BRCA1 gene mutation.
27 June 2014

Blocking protein that repairs DNA damage could prevent cancers

New insights into the role of a protein involved in repairing DNA damage are hoped to lead to novel ways to prevent cancers.
26 June 2014

Hepatitis C may help transplant patients adapt to new liver

Contrary to what was previously thought, hepatitis C patients are not at greater risk of organ rejection if they undergo a liver transplant.
26 June 2014

Researchers discover the process behind bacteria's coping strategies

Crucial information on how bacteria cope under stress and evade antibiotics is hoped to pave the way for new ways to tackle infection.
20 June 2014

Leukaemia drug found to stimulate immunity against many cancer types

A class of drug currently being used to treat leukaemia has the unexpected side-effect of boosting immune responses against many different cancers.
12 June 2014

Tool belt protein links molecular ‘motor’ and ‘typewriter’ to keep DNA replication on track

Unravelling the structure of a protein complex that plays a key role in the DNA replication process.
12 June 2014

Scientists wipe out malaria-carrying mosquitoes in lab with male-only offspring

Scientists have modified mosquitoes to produce sperm that will only create males, pioneering a fresh approach to eradicating malaria.
10 June 2014

Molecular 'scaffold' could hold key to new dementia treatments

A molecular ‘scaffold’ in cells that comes apart in dementia and motor neuron disease offers a possible new target for drug discovery.
03 June 2014