Science news: Dec 2014

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Cholesterol in food causes inflammation in gut lining

Cholesterol in fatty foods triggers an inflammatory response in the cells lining the gut and impairs the movement of food through the gut.
23 December 2014

Using light to understand the brain

Scientists have combined two cutting-edge techniques to develop a new way to both ‘read’ and ‘write’ electrical signals in the brain, taking us a step closer to understanding how the brain stores and processes information.
23 December 2014

Fruit fly discovery provides insights into brain stem cell development

The discovery of a previously unrecognised developmental strategy to generate neurons in fruit flies is hoped to shed light on the mechanisms that occur in mammals.
15 December 2014

Research suggests ability of HIV to cause AIDS is slowing

The HIV virus is evolving to develop resistance to patients’ natural immunity, but at the same time is slowing in its ability to cause AIDS.
02 December 2014