First Mill Hill researcher to receive CRUK grant

08 July 2015

Congratulations to Gitta Stockinger, who has just been awarded a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) grant for an immunologist looking to expand their interests into cancer research.

Gitta is currently based at Mill Hill (previously the Medical Research Council's National Institute for Medical Research) - this is the first grant that has ever been given to a Mill Hill researcher.

The title of her project is 'Functional roles of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the intestine- from homeostasis to inflammation and carcinogenesis.'

You can see Cancer Research UK's recent funding decisions, including the grant to Gitta Stockinger and grants to Paola Scaffidi, Barbara Nicke and Martin Lange, Crick Researchers based at Lincoln's Inn Fields (previously CRUK's Cancer Research Institute), on this link.