Science news: Mar 2015

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New role uncovered for ‘oldest’ tumour suppressor gene

Scientists have revealed a brand new function for one of the first cancer genes ever discovered – the retinoblastoma gene – in a finding that could open up exciting new approaches to treatment
27 March 2015

Head injury patients show signs of faster ageing in the brain

People who have suffered serious head injuries show changes in brain structure resembling those seen in older people.
25 March 2015

Structure of genetic messenger molecules reveals key role in diseases

The three-dimensional structures of mRNAs determine their stability and efficiency inside cells, shedding light on how seemingly minor mutations can lead to disease.
18 March 2015

Research honour for Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson has been awarded the South African National Research Foundation's highest rating.
13 March 2015

Three new European Research Council awards

Three NIMR programme leaders have been awarded prestigious ERC consolidator grants.
12 March 2015

Genetic architecture of immune system

A study in twins has identified over 100 immune system genes that may influence our susceptibility to disease.
12 March 2015