Science news: Jun 2015

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New genetic form of obesity and diabetes discovered

The discovery of a new gene for obesity and type 2 diabetes is helping scientists understand the conditions better and patients to get the best treatment.
29 June 2015

Promising new treatment for malaria being developed

Researchers are developing a new compound that could lead to an affordable new treatment for malaria that only requires a single dose and reduces disease transmission.
17 June 2015

Researchers discover new ‘rules of engagement’ that allow viruses such as HIV to infect healthy cells

Important new detail on how retroviruses take over healthy cells may eventually lead to more effective treatments to suppress the virus.
10 June 2015

Natural genetic variation gives complete resistance in prion diseases

The identification of a naturally occurring variant of the human prion protein that produces resistance to prion diseases could give important insights into other brain diseases that lead to dementia.
10 June 2015

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may share genetic roots with creativity

Scientists have, for the first time, discovered a long-suspected genetic link between creativity and risk of developing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
08 June 2015

Promising results in mice raise hope of treatment for spinal cord injury

A group of drugs being trialled for cancer could also hold promise as a treatment for spinal cord injury.
01 June 2015