Science news: Dec 2015

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Insights into ‘garbage trucks’ of cells improves understanding of human diseases

Research has revealed insights into how a process called autophagy happens in cells, with implications for improving understanding of cancer and other human diseases
28 December 2015

Discovery could lead to more targeted drugs to stop cancer spread

Scientists have shed more light on a vital cluster of proteins that helps cells – including cancer cells – to move around the body.
23 December 2015

Lung cells that battle a cold virus identified by scientists

Scientists have shown for the first time that a type of immune cell, called a resident memory T cell, is particularly active during respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection.
23 December 2015

New laptop program can identify drug resistance from bacterial genomes

An easy-to-use computer program can predict which antibiotics will work for a particular infection and which will fail.
21 December 2015

Heightened blood flow in the brain linked to development of psychosis

A key mechanism in the brain might be associated with the onset and development of psychosis.
18 December 2015

Understanding DNA packaging inside cells

Scientists have described the molecular mechanism by which DNA enters and exits the protein rings that enable vast lengths of DNA to be packaged into the tiny nucleus inside cells.
17 December 2015

Scientists discover how tumours hijack body’s wound healing process

Cells that usually help repair wounds can switch from friend to foe – and instead escalate tumour growth and spread.
17 December 2015

Autophagy insights could help in quest for new cancer therapies

Scientists have discovered how two molecules regulate autophagy – a recycling process used by cells to maintain their health and to aid survival under stress.
17 December 2015

Why focusing on a visual task will make us deaf to our surroundings

A study suggests that hearing and vision share a limited neural resource – and concentrating on a visual task can render you momentarily ‘deaf’ to sounds at normal levels.
09 December 2015

Blocking body’s first immune response could reduce cancer spread

Blocking part of the immune system’s first response might help prevent cancer from spreading.
08 December 2015

Spreading cancer cells must change their environment to grow

To continue to grow, spreading cancer cells arriving in a new part of the body must be able to change their new environment.
03 December 2015