Science news: Aug 2016

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Pollutants cause breathing problems by disrupting cell development

Chemicals found in car exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke disrupt genetic factors that make cilia – the brush-like structures on cells that sweep mucus, dirt and bacteria out of the lung.
24 August 2016

Eating may inhibit brain molecule – reducing anxiety but increasing obesity risk

Neurons that produce the signalling molecule orexin – which is linked to anxiety and stress - are inactivated by eating, suggesting a biological basis for comfort eating.
18 August 2016

Cryomicroscopy shows how flu virus fuses with host cell

Imaging influenza virus fusion with membranes provides new understanding of a key step in influenza virus infection.
08 August 2016

‘Spidey’ genes that regulate cell growth discovered in fruit flies

Francis Crick Institute scientists have discovered that a gene in fruit flies called ‘spidey’ regulates a key lipid-metabolising enzyme involved in cell growth and proliferation.
08 August 2016

Fibrosis discovery heralds new treatment hopes

A signaling protein called TPL-2 is crucial in preventing severe fibrosis.
03 August 2016