Science news: Dec 2016

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Discovery of gene effects on brain brings scientists closer to understanding rare developmental disorder

Researchers have revealed the effects on the developing brain of a gene that causes Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and have identified two possible candidates for screening for genetic mutations.
29 December 2016

Scientists uncover the structure of a protein complex linked with breast and ovarian cancer risk

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute have described the molecular structure of a key tumour suppressor protein and provided insights into its role in cells.
20 December 2016

New insights into ‘master regulator’ of cell division overturn textbook explanation

Key evidence for how CDK, the ‘master regulator’ of cell division, switches on different proteins at different stages in the process.
15 December 2016

Tracking breast cancer cell genetics reveals longer potential treatment window

Breast cancer cells break away and spread to other parts of the body relatively late on in breast tumour development, an international team of scientists has shown.
09 December 2016

Scientists uncover novel properties of key signalling molecule in cell division

The binding of a signalling factor called ECT2 to the cell envelope is essential for cells to divide.
06 December 2016

B cells use mechanical forces to pull antigens from other cell surfaces

Immune cells called B cells use mechanical forces to physically pull antigens such as viruses or toxins from the surfaces of other cells.
06 December 2016