Science news: Apr 2017

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New study reveals how embryonic cells make spinal cord, muscle and bone

A study sheds new light on the cells that form spinal cord, muscle and bone tissue in mammalian embryos.
27 April 2017

Tracking unstable chromosomes helps predict lung cancer’s return

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute and UCL have found that unstable chromosomes within lung tumours increase the risk of cancer returning after surgery, and have used this new knowledge to determine the risk of relapse up to a year before the cancer returns.
26 April 2017

Study springs surprise: single gene mutation can lead to variable outcomes

Inactivating the same gene in mice that are virtually genetically identical can result in a wide range of different physical features or abnormalities.
21 April 2017

Controlling amino acids in diet could aid cancer treatment in future

Cutting out certain amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – from the diet of mice slows growth of some tumours and prolongs survival, according to new research.
20 April 2017

Research identifies brain cells that keep mice active

A mouse study provides insight into the brain circuits underlying what motivates us to be physically active
11 April 2017