Science news: May 2017

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Motor neuron disease discovery offers new insights into potential treatment targets

Scientists have discovered how certain forms of motor neuron disease begin and progress, revealing potential new ways to slow down or even stop this process.
30 May 2017

Understanding the architecture of our ‘second brain’

Insights into the organisation of gut nerve cells could help find treatments for gastrointestinal disorders.
19 May 2017

Crick spinout secures $100m collaboration

GammaDelta Therapeutics, a company built on the research of Adrian Hayday and Oliver Nussbaumer from the Crick and King’s College London, has secured a $100m (£77m) collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Takeda.
11 May 2017

A defence mechanism that can trap and kill TB bacteria

New discovery of how cells kill TB bacteria could help in the battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
10 May 2017

Pox virus discovery has implications for vaccines and cancer

Crick researchers have made the unexpected discovery that the Vaccinia virus, which was used in the vaccine that eradicated smallpox, needs proteins from the host cells it infects to replicate.
02 May 2017