Science news: Jul 2017

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Understanding cell segregation mechanisms which help prevent cancer spread

Scientists have uncovered how cells are kept in the right place as the body develops, which may shed light on what causes invasive cancer cells to migrate.
26 July 2017

New study sheds light on disease-busting ‘recycling bins’ in our cells

Scientists have made an important step in understanding how cells keep themselves clean and healthy, with implications for neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.
13 July 2017

New analysis sheds light on mutations in cancer and the immune system

A large-scale analysis reveals how different mutations are seen by the immune system and could help clinicians identify patients likely to benefit from new immunotherapies.
10 July 2017

Scientists find new method to fight malaria

Scientists have discovered a new way to slow down malaria infections, providing a possible new target for antimalarial drugs.
07 July 2017