Health and safety at the Crick Lab

The Francis Crick Institute aims to be scientifically leading in every sense, including our approach to health and safety.

We believe that excellence in safety performance not only protects the Crick's employees and all those that visit its premises, but also contributes positively to scientific endeavour. As our science evolves and develops into exciting new fields of research, we will set new targets and monitor our success as we seek continual improvement in health and safety.

The Crick has four health and safety aims:

  • To provide and maintain a safe working environment
  • To facilitate science
  • To achieve best practice in health and safety
  • To ensure legal compliance

To achieve these aims, we will:

1) Ensure that good health and safety are perceived as integral to the science and all supporting functions

We are committed to the development of future science leaders through scientific and biomedical training that also ensures competency in health and safety.

We include health and safety responsibilities in job descriptions and terms and conditions for all lab-based employees.

We integrate the risk assessment process into scientific planning and the development of procedures.

2) Promote a positive culture of best practice in health and safety

Our distinctive approach to safety management emphasises personal ownership; effective communication that breaks down barriers between disciplines; a positive and assertive induction; and continual improvement that fosters excellence.

3) Appropriately devolve responsibility for health and safety through the line management structure

Responsibility for the management of health and safety is clearly established within the organisational structure and governance of the Crick. All employees have a responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others that may be affected by their actions, and this is made clear through induction, training and communication.

4) Ensure the competence of all staff and visiting workers at all levels of operation

We provide training for health and safety that reflects our commitment to research excellence, dynamism and multi-disciplinary activity.

We ensure the continual development of health and safety training alongside mentoring and other management and technical training.

5) Be efficient and effective in health and safety risk management and ensure proper use of resources

We ensure our approach is relevant, suitable, sufficient, and proportionate. We are mindful of the need to promote good stewardship of the resources provided for research and research support, both to maximise the use of our financial resources and for the protection of the environment.

6) Provide effective high-quality support for science through the Safety, Health and Sustainability (SHS) Directorate

Our SHS team works with colleagues throughout the organisation to embed safety, health and sustainability into all areas of activity.

  • The Crick has four health and safety aims: to provide and maintain a safe working environment; to facilitate science; to achieve best practice in health and safety; to ensure legal compliance