Local engagement

Sketch of the proposed building for The Francis Crick Institute.

Sketch of the proposed building for The Francis Crick Institute.
© PLP Architecture

The Francis Crick Institute has an opportunity to become a valued part of the local community through effective and genuine engagement with local community.

Our community engagement includes education outreach, training and employment opportunities, arts projects, public events and exhibitions. 

During the building design phase we made several changes as a result of feedback:

  • The overall height of the building was lowered.
  • A community facility was included in the building.
  • The roof was changed to a curved (shell) form to reduce the effect on local views.
  • A north-south atrium was introduced to give the building a more open feel.
  • Scientific functions were moved to make ground-floor activities more visible.
  • A new east-west route was developed between the Francis Crick Institute and the British Library.
  • The teaching laboratory, conference facility and exhibition space in the building were made more easily accessible.
  • The main public entrance was lowered to improve access.
  • The building was set back to give views from St Pancras International to the local Purchese Street Open Space and to encourage pedestrians to walk from St Pancras to Euston.
  • The institute consulted widely with local residents, community groups and other organisations on the design of the building and how the project could benefit the area.
  • We made changes to the design following feedback from local people.