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Advancing a discovery

  • Idea

    A Crick scientist has an idea for a new treatment, technology or diagnostic test.

  • Conversation

    They contact the Translation team to talk about possible applications. The team can potentially provide funding at this stage for experiments to prove an initial concept.

  • Refinement

    The Translation team makes links with clinicians, industry, entrepreneurs and other experts who can help to refine the initial idea.

  • Development

    A full development plan is created and the project’s purpose, novelty, potential patient benefits and possible partners are all established.

  • Support

    The Translation team has regular meetings with the scientist and adjusts the plan as the project develops.

  • Partnership

    Once the project is at the point of implementation, the teams work together to find partners who can progress the project through clinical trials, user testing or marketing.

We support our scientists to use their research to solve healthcare challenges.

The process of using original scientific research to create treatments, technologies and diagnostic tools is known as translation. Turning new scientific understanding into a treatment is often difficult, complex, and takes time and investment. Our specialist in-house team helps researchers to take their advances forward and are involved from the very beginning.

They support projects through both expertise and funding with a focus on long-term sustainability. Along with the Crick’s team of industrial scientists, clinicians and entrepreneurs and our Translation Advisory Group, the Translation team connects scientists with industry colleagues, clinicians, drug discovery experts, technology experts and investors who can help to take projects forward.

Our approach

Crick researchers benefit from advice and input from experts with track records in translation at the earliest stages of their project. By shaping their projects with insights from industry and clinicians, Crick scientists benefit from a more efficient path to a new product or clinical application. 

Our key goal is to accelerate the early stages of ideas so that they become an attractive proposition to partners who can take forward products and technologies to reach patients sooner.


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