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The Crick collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry in the early, pre-competitive stages of research to achieve a better understanding of the underlying biology of disease.

Research on biological mechanisms often pinpoints genes, proteins, pathways and metabolic changes of significance, which can represent the starting points that can lead to the development of new drugs and healthcare products.

Open science partnerships

We think our partnerships improve the probability that these basic science findings can be developed as translatable projects to be progressed to benefit health. Crick researchers also benefit from close interactions with industry, access to tools and technologies and experimental designs that have the right foundation for further progression.

The Crick has two such partnerships: with GSK and with AstraZeneca. These combine the Crick’s strength in discovery science with the drug firms’ expertise in developing new medicines. The partnerships often see Crick researchers and industrial scientists working together on the same projects. 

Joint projects

There are typically around 25 active projects under way thanks to these two partnerships.

Projects tend to relate to target identification and validation for therapeutics, including reagent development; development of model systems; testing drugs or drug combinations in relevant disease models, exploring drug mode of action; 'omics' projects; exploring diagnostics and prognostic biomarkers, bioinformatic and technology platforms; biophysics and crystallography.

They cover a range of diseases, from cancer and infectious diseases to metabolic diseases.

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