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A spin-out company can be the best way to assemble a team of dedicated scientists and experts and source the significant investment needed to develop a technology.

We have all the necessary support and expertise in house to enable new companies to be formed based on the Crick’s research.


Achilles therapeutics

Achilles Therapeutics was formed in 2016 with £13.2 million backing from life science investment company Syncona LLP, the Cancer Research Technology Pioneer Fund and the UCL Technology Fund.

The company is based on research by scientists at the Crick and UCL. Charlie Swanton and colleagues discovered unique markers that are present on the surface of all cancer cells in an individual patient's tumour, but not on healthy cells. These markers can act as flags to the immune system. Achilles Therapeutics is developing cancer therapies that target these markers with the aim of destroying tumours without harming healthy tissues.

The aim is to develop a truly personalised approach to cancer therapy by targeting cell surface markers that are specific to each patient and present on all cancer cells rather than just a subset of cells.

GammaDelta Therapeutics

GammaDelta Therapeutics was co-founded in 2016 by Adrian Hayday and Oliver Nussbaumer of the Crick and King's College London with support from life sciences investors Abingworth and Cancer Research Technology.

The spin-out company received a $100m cash injection from drug firm Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 2017 to further develop its new class of immunotherapies.

The new company aims to exploit the unique activities of gamma delta (γδ) T cells that are found in the body's tissues where cancers and inflammatory diseases take hold. The novel T-cell approach could lead to new immunotherapies for a broad range of cancers and autoinflammatory diseases.