Marion Rees

Senior Business Manager

Marion has more than 25 years’ experience in the Life Science sector. She has worked in the IP department at GSK, focusing on DNA vaccines, genomics, targets and screening and has headed the IP and Legal functions at several small and medium-sized life science companies. Previous roles include Head of IP at PowderMed, Director of IP at Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Head of IP at Circassia and VP, IP and Legal Affairs at Adiga Life Sciences. 

At PowderMed and Oxford Nanopore Marion was heavily involved in liaising with academic partners, working with the relevant technology transfer groups on complex IP and commercialisation issues. Marion was part of the founding management team of Adiga and put in place the corporate, legal and IP systems. She has extensive experience in patent strategy, IP and agreement management and the IP aspects of collaboration and licence agreements.

Marion is a European Patent Attorney and a Chartered Patent Attorney (UK).