Cancer Research Network

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The goal of the network is to maximise the impact of the Crick’s research on cancer, by developing collaborations between research groups in the Crick and those across the wider Cancer Research UK network.

To do this the network will help to support:

  • The highest quality discovery science, within the Crick and in other parts of the cancer research network nationally.
  • Research addressing questions of relevance to cancer in humans.
  • Opportunities for Crick researchers to interact and collaborate with researchers in Cancer Research UK Institutes and Centres.
  • Expanding opportunities for translation to and from the clinic.
  • Ensuring that the resources and expertise of the Crick support the development of the next generation of cancer researchers.

Cancer researchers seeking opportunities to collaborate or develop their careers by working with groups in the Crick, or to arrange meetings to explore new research ideas, are welcome to contact the network director, Peter Johnson.