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The second round of KQ Labs will start with an intensive initiation week starting on 28 October 2019 and attendance is mandatory for the whole week. The programme will formally launch on 4 November 2019. 

The programme will last 16 weeks and involve six to eight hours of attendance at workshops and seminars each week.

Applicants must be able to attend all sessions, which will beheld in the King's Cross area. You won’t have access to a physical lab during the programme.

The programme offers £40,000 as convertible loan with valuation at the next funding round for each start-up, as well as an intensive training programme and mentoring days.

Application timeline

  • 18 July 2019

    Applications open

  • 15 September 2019

    Applications close at midday

  • 8 - 9 October 2019


  • 28 October 2019

    Opening week

  • 4 November 2019

    Programme launch

We will also track your objectives and mark your milestones so that companies can focus on their individual development. If a company has made good progress on their objectives at the end of the programme, they’ll be supported by our post-accelerator advice, coaching and networking opportunities. 

Even if your start-up has already been relatively successful or you’re not looking for investment at this time, the programme can still be beneficial.

If your application is too early or late stage for KQ Labs, we will try to find a way for selected companies to participate in the KQ Labs programme with our pre- and post-accelerator activities. 

We are a perfect fit for start-ups that haven’t already raised a Series A round from investors.


Guidance for applicants

Applicants should send a start-up deck of up to 12 slides covering:

  • The problem you are aiming to solve
  • Your solution 
  • Technology (including IP)
  • Market opportunity
  • Competitors, including other approaches to solving this problem
  • Business model and route to commercialisation 
  • Traction (what evidence do you have so far for interest in, or potential uptake of, your product?)
  • Your team 
  • Financials (What will you do with the grant funding? How much money will you need to achieve your key milestones?)
  • Roadmap (Include your key milestones)
  • Exit for investors

Application criteria

The selection process will be open to start-ups who have:

  1. Two or more founders or team members
  2. A focus on biomedical-related issues solved using the innovative application of data-driven techniques
  3. A Minimum Viable Product, prototype or proof of concept, and
  4. A team based in the UK or prepared to relocate for the duration of the programme. Please note that we cannot help with visa applications. 

To apply, send your deck to translation@crick.ac.uk by midday on 15 September 2019.

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