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Our cohorts


Logo for KQ Labs, the Crick's start-up accelerator.

In each cohort of KQ Labs, the Crick's start-up accelerator, ten companies working at the interface of data science and biomedical science spend sixteen weeks learning new skills to help their company develop.

KQ Labs launched with its first cohort in 2018. Find out more about the companies who have taken part in the accelerator. 

Our 2020 cohort

Aivivo logo

AI VIVO uniquely combines systems biology and machine learning/AI to build a disruptive platform technology to accelerate drug discovery. The platform fundamentally changes how we represent diseases and the effect of treatments phenotypically and enables us to predict multiple unexpected disease modulation strategies and experimentally validate them significantly faster, cheaper and more accurately.

Benetalk logo

Benetalk has developed a digital speech therapist that monitors speaking patterns and provides immediate feedback to help people who stutter to master fluency speaking habits during daily activities.

Brightlobe logo

Brightlobe develops cutting-edge technology that can intelligently assess and support a child’s developmental trajectory through mobile games and smart toys.

Charco logo

Charco Neurotech have developed CUE1, a non-invasive wearable device for Parkinson’s, utilising pulsed cueing and focused vibrotactile stimulation to reduce symptoms of slowness and stiffness resulting in improved movement. They are using data-driven insights and machine learning algorithms to track symptom progression and help people with Parkinson’s manage their day-to-day life.

Glamorous AI logo

GLAMOROUS AI has a novel approach to chemical design and optimisation. Its proprietary platform, Rosalind, augments advanced ML with human expertise to enable applications where only limited data points are available.

Itecho health logo

Itecho Health provides digital health applications and services for the monitoring and management of long-term (chronic) conditions.

Little Journey logo

Little Journey use technology, research and data to transform healthcare and research outcomes through an end to end psychological preparation and support tool for children and their families.

mpixl logo

Mpixl combines deep learning and MRI radiology for faster and kinder care of leukaemia patients.

Oxcan logo

Oxford Cancer Analytics aims to revolutionise early cancer detection and treatment through affordable blood tests using automated machine learning platforms for data analysis, biomarker discovery and patient stratification.

Syrona logo

Syrona is a personalised digital women's health screening and digital therapeutics platform, with a first focus on endometriosis.

Our 2019 cohort

Baseimmune logo

Baseimmune is a company created to offer data-driven solutions to vaccine design. Our mission is to monitor and integrate big-data on genomics, proteomics, as well as geographical and clinical data into the antigen discovery and vaccine development pipeline.

Bold Health logo

Bold Health is a digital therapeutic platform leveraging behavioural medicine and data science to create personalised care programs for the self-management of chronic digestive conditions, starting with irritable bowel syndrome.

Imera logo

Imera uses machine learning to support radiologists to identify fractures in patients more effectively. logo is a machine learning platform that puts model integration at the centre of its data science workflow and is currently engaged in identification and diagnosis of prostate cancer from MRI scans.

My Personal Therapeutics logo

My Personal Therapeutics identifies highly precise combinations of FDA-approved drugs to target an individual patient’s tumour. Our personalised cancer therapeutics technology, the Personal Discovery Process, was developed Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York.

Oppilotech logo

Oppilotech have developed a high-resolution platform based on systems biology and machine learning to model biological processes in cells. We utilise the platform to identify first-in-class drug targets and then develop drugs that modulate the identified targets.

Pexxi logo

Pexxi is a precision medicine platform, matching women with the optimal oral contraceptives based on their medical history, hormone levels and genetic profile.

Pharmenable logo

PharmEnable explores new areas of the chemical space that no one else is currently searching to enable the development of vital new medicines. 

Sano logo

Sano Genetics is a platform for personalised medicine that connects people with relevant research studies and clinical trials based on their genetic and health data.

Zetta Genomics

Zetta Genomics provides the big data foundation for generation genome. Our distributed storage and analysis technology provides the quality and convenience needed to move genomics from research to medicine at scale.

Our 2018 cohort

ConcR logo

ConcR focuses on cancer resistance and data driven predictions of patient outcome based on multi-omics data.

Cortirio logo

Head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among the under 45s. Cortirio are developing portable brain imaging to diagnose head injuries at the point of care.

Deepscope logo

Deepscope is the first free ultrasound simulator for mobile devices.  It enables healthcare professionals both to learn, using the free mobile app, and to teach, by easily creating their own clinical simulations.

Heron logo

Heron have created a graphical and navigable map of science, helping researchers, clinicians and industry gain more value from scientific literature.

Macusoft logo

Macular disease is the biggest cause of preventable sight loss in the developed world. Macusoft is developing clinical data and genomics based AI systems to support treatment to prevent avoidable blindness.

Mendelian logo

Mendelian accelerates the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases by building smart software solutions for clinicians, health providers and patients.

Okko logo

Okko are working on re-designing the eye chart. They are developing eye disease diagnosis and tracking through home monitoring.

Quin logo

Quin uses science, engineering and design to help people who take insulin make the best possible decisions.

Vesynta logo

Vesynta personalizes dosing of life-saving therapies through a desktop blood monitoring lab for rapid drug quantification, advancing medicines optimization and patient health outcomes.