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The Crick offers a fabulous opportunity for talented individuals to embark on a career in biomedical research. Our PhD programme and clinical fellowships benefit from close connection to our university partners.

PhD programme

The Crick offers a comprehensive four-year PhD programme that ensures all students have strong future career prospects in science.

Students carry out research with top scientists from around the world at the Crick and are registered with a world-class university – UCL, Imperial College London or King's College London. This means students benefit from the universities’ extensive experience in research training and their wide range of academic, scientific and social facilities. PhD students have two supervisors: one at the university and one at the Crick.

Students either carry out all their research at the Crick, or in joint PhDs with more collaborative projects, they split their research time between the Crick and the university.

The Crick engages with graduate research schools and training programmes worldwide. A small number of students register at universities other than our partner universities, and all are fully part of the Crick PhD student cohort.

Doctoral fellowships for clinicians

The Crick offers great opportunities for clinicians seeking a training in biomedical research.

Doctoral and postdoctoral clinical fellowships provide the opportunity for clinicians to perform innovative biomedical discovery research at the Crick.

Clinicians working and training in this environment may also be associated with external partners. Those on our PhD programme for clinicians will be registered with one of UCL, King's College London, Imperial College London, Barts/Queen Mary University of London and the Institute for Cancer Research, for example. This helps facilitate ongoing clinical training and mentorship.