The Francis Crick Institute conducts cutting-edge biomedical research to improve our understanding of human health and disease.

At the heart of the Crick's philosophy is a commitment to the highest quality science. We believe that the necessary quality can only be delivered through a focus on the best and most imaginative scientists, which in turn requires a broad and flexible approach to our scientific programme.

The span and diversity of our research, plus the interactions we will develop with researchers from the three university founders, will promote cross-fertilisation between studies of different diseases and novel approaches to scientific enquiry.

Our research programme is defined by seven high level science questions reflecting both major issues of interest in biomedical research and the current research strategies of our six founders. To address these strategic questions, research groups at the Crick span a wide range of Research Topics across multiple Research Sites, listed on the left of this page.

Research groups are supported by many advanced Science Technology Platforms, also listed on the left of this page. Several laboratories also operate in partnership with University College London, King's College London and Imperial College London.


The diagram summarises our science questions and experimental approaches. (Click to view larger image)