Biological Clocks & Sleep: Publications

  • Henslee, EA; Crosby, P; Kitcatt, SJ; Parry, JSW; Bernardini, A; Abdallat, RG; Braun, G; Fatoyinbo, HO; Harrison, EJ; Edgar, RS; Hoettges, KF; Reddy, AB; Jabr, RI; von Schantz, M; O'Neill, JS and Labeed, FH (2017)
    Rhythmic potassium transport regulates the circadian clock in human red blood cells.
    Nature Communications 8, 1978 PubMed abstract
  • Hughes, ME; Abruzzi, KC; Allada, R; Anafi, R; Arpat, AB; Asher, G; Baldi, P; de Bekker, C; Bell-Pedersen, D; Blau, J; Brown, S; Ceriani, MF; Chen, Z; Chiu, JC; Cox, J; Crowell, AM; DeBruyne, JP; Dijk, D-J; DiTacchio, L; Doyle, FJ; Duffield, GE; Dunlap, JC; Eckel-Mahan, K; Esser, KA; FitzGerald, GA; Forger, DB; Francey, LJ; Fu, Y-H; Gachon, F; Gatfield, D; de Goede, P; Golden, SS; Green, C; Harer, J; Harmer, S; Haspel, J; Hastings, MH; Herzel, H; Herzog, ED; Hoffmann, C; Hong, C; Hughey, JJ; Hurley, JM; de la Iglesia, HO; Johnson, C; Kay, SA; Koike, N; Kornacker, K; Kramer, A; Lamia, K; Leise, T; Lewis, SA; Li, J; Li, X; Liu, AC; Loros, JJ; Martino, TA; Menet, JS; Merrow, M; Millar, AJ; Mockler, T; Naef, F; Nagoshi, E; Nitabach, MN; Olmedo, M; Nusinow, DA; Ptáček, LJ; Rand, D; Reddy, AB; Robles, MS; Roenneberg, T; Rosbash, M; Ruben, MD; Rund, SSC; Sancar, A; Sassone-Corsi, P; Sehgal, A; Sherrill-Mix, S; Skene, DJ; Storch, K-F; Takahashi, JS; Ueda, HR; Wang, H; Weitz, C; Westermark, PO; Wijnen, H; Xu, Y; Wu, G; Yoo, S-H; Young, M; Zhang, EE; Zielinski, T and Hogenesch, JB (2017)
    Guidelines for genome-scale analysis of biological rhythms.
    Journal of Biological Rhythms 32, 380-393 PubMed abstract
  • Milev, NB; Rhee, S-G and Reddy, AB (2017)
    Cellular timekeeping: it's redox o'clock.
    Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology a027698 PubMed abstract
  • Nagy, AD and Reddy, AB (2017)
    Redox clocks: Time to rethink redox interventions.
    Free Radical Biology & Medicine [Epub ahead of print] PubMed abstract
  • Pritchett, D and Reddy, AB (2017)
    No FAD, No CRY: Redox and circadian rhythms.
    Trends in Biochemical Sciences 42, 497-499 PubMed abstract
  • Breen, DP; Nombela, C; Vuono, R; Jones, PS; Fisher, K; Burn, DJ; Brooks, DJ; Reddy, AB; Rowe, JB and Barker, RA (2016)
    Hypothalamic volume loss is associated with reduced melatonin output in Parkinson's disease.
    Movement Disorders 31, 1062-1066 PubMed abstract
  • Edgar, RS; Stangherlin, A; Nagy, AD; Nicoll, MP; Efstathiou, S; O'Neill, JS and Reddy, AB (2016)
    Cell autonomous regulation of herpes and influenza virus infection by the circadian clock.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, 10085-10090 PubMed abstract
  • Ray, S and Reddy, AB (2016)
    Cross-talk between circadian clocks, sleep-wake cycles, and metabolic networks: dispelling the darkness.
    Bioessays 38, 394-405 PubMed abstract
  • Reddy, AB (2016)
    Redox and metabolic oscillations in the clockwork.
    In: A Time for Metabolism and Hormones. Edited by Sassone-Corsi, P and Christen, Y.
    Cham CH, Springer, 2016. 51-61. (Research and Perspectives in Endocrine Interactions).
  • Rey, G; Valekunja, UK; Feeney, KA; Wulund, L; Milev, NB; Stangherlin, A; Ansel-Bollepalli, L; Velagapudi, V; O'Neill, JS and Reddy, AB (2016)
    The pentose phosphate pathway regulates the circadian clock.
    Cell Metabolism 24, 462-473 PubMed abstract
  • Milev, NB and Reddy, AB (2015)
    Circadian redox oscillations and metabolism.
    Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism 26, 430-437 PubMed abstract
  • Milev, NB; Rey, G; Valekunja, UK; Edgar, RS; O'Neill, JS and Reddy, AB (2015)
    Analysis of the redox oscillations in the circadian clockwork.
    Methods in Enzymology 552, 185-210 PubMed abstract
  • Nagy, AD and Reddy, AB (2015)
    Time dictates: emerging clinical analyses of the impact of circadian rhythms on diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease.
    Clinical Medicine 15 , s50-s53 PubMed abstract
  • Pritchett, D and Reddy, AB (2015)
    Circadian clocks in the hematologic system.
    Journal of Biological Rhythms 30, 374-388 PubMed abstract
  • Rey, G and Reddy, AB (2015)
    Interplay between cellular redox oscillations and circadian clocks.
    Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism 17 , 55-64 PubMed abstract
  • Breen, DP; Vuono, R; Nawarathna, U; Fisher, K; Shneerson, JM; Reddy, AB and Barker, RA (2014)
    Sleep and circadian rhythm regulation in early Parkinson disease.
    JAMA Neurology 71, 589-595 PubMed abstract
  • Reddy, AB and Rey, G (2014)
    Metabolic and nontranscriptional circadian clocks: eukaryotes.
    Annual Review of Biochemistry 83, 165-189 PubMed abstract
  • Reimann, F and Reddy, AB (2014)
    Clocking up GLP-1: considering intestinal rhythms in the incretin effect.
    Diabetes 63, 3584-3586 PubMed abstract
  • Robinson, I and Reddy, AB (2014)
    Molecular mechanisms of the circadian clockwork in mammals.
    FEBS Letters 588, 2477-2483 PubMed abstract
  • Wu, L and Reddy, AB (2014)
    Rethinking the clockwork: redox cycles and non-transcriptional control of circadian rhythms.
    Biochemical Society Transactions 42, 1-10 PubMed abstract
  • Reddy, AB (2013)
    Genome-wide analyses of circadian systems.
    Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology 217, 379-388 PubMed abstract
  • Rey, G and Reddy, AB (2013)
    Connecting cellular metabolism to circadian clocks.
    Trends in Cell Biology 23, 234-241 PubMed abstract
  • Rey, G and Reddy, AB (2013)
    Protein acetylation links the circadian clock to mitochondrial function.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 3210-3211 PubMed abstract
  • Rey, G and Reddy, AB (2013)
    Rhythmic respiration.
    Science 342, 570-571 PubMed abstract
  • Stangherlin, A and Reddy, AB (2013)
    Regulation of circadian clocks by redox homeostasis.
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 288, 26505-26511 PubMed abstract
  • Valekunja, UK; Edgar, RS; Oklejewicz, M; van der Horst, GTJ; O'Neill, JS; Tamanini, F; Turner, DJ and Reddy, AB (2013)
    Histone methyltransferase MLL3 contributes to genome-scale circadian transcription.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 1554-1559 PubMed abstract
  • Wu, L and Reddy, AB (2013)
    Disrupting rhythms: diet-induced obesity impairs diurnal rhythms in metabolic tissues.
    Diabetes 62, 1829-1830 PubMed abstract
  • Edgar, RS; Green, EW; Zhao, Y; van Ooijen, G; Olmedo, M; Qin, X; Xu, Y; Pan, M; Valekunja, UK; Feeney, KA; Maywood, ES; Hastings, MH; Baliga, NS; Merrow, M; Millar, AJ; Johnson, CH; Kyriacou, CP; O'Neill, JS and Reddy, AB (2012)
    Peroxiredoxins are conserved markers of circadian rhythms.
    Nature 485, 459-464 PubMed abstract
  • Olmedo, M; O'Neill, JS; Edgar, RS; Valekunja, UK; Reddy, AB and Merrow, M (2012)
    Circadian regulation of olfaction and an evolutionarily conserved, nontranscriptional marker in Caenorhabditis elegans.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109, 20479-20484 PubMed abstract
  • O'Neill, JS and Reddy, AB (2012)
    The essential role of cAMP/Ca2+ signalling in mammalian circadian timekeeping.
    Biochemical Society Transactions 40, 44-50 PubMed abstract
  • O'Neill, JS and Reddy, AB (2011)
    Circadian clocks in human red blood cells.
    Nature 469, 498-503 PubMed abstract
  • O'Neill, JS; van Ooijen, G; Dixon, LE; Troein, C; Corellou, F; Bouget, F-Y; Reddy, AB and Millar, AJ (2011)
    Circadian rhythms persist without transcription in a eukaryote.
    Nature 469, 554-558 PubMed abstract
  • Reddy, AB and O'Neill, JS (2011)
    EMBO Reports 12, 612 PubMed abstract
  • Maywood, ES; Fraenkel, E; McAllister, CJ; Wood, N; Reddy, AB; Hastings, MH and Morton, AJ (2010)
    Disruption of peripheral circadian timekeeping in a mouse model of Huntington's disease and its restoration by temporally scheduled feeding.
    Journal of Neuroscience 30, 10199-10204 PubMed abstract
  • Reddy, AB and O'Neill, JS (2010)
    Healthy clocks, healthy body, healthy mind.
    Trends in Cell Biology 20, 36-44 PubMed abstract

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