Snezhana Oliferenko: Publications

  • Chew, TG; Huang, J; Palani, S; Sommese, R; Kamnev, A; Hatano, T; Gu, Y; Oliferenko, S; Sivaramakrishnan, S and Balasubramanian, MK (2017)
    Actin turnover maintains actin filament homeostasis during cytokinetic ring contraction.
    Journal of Cell Biology 216, 2657-2667 PubMed abstract
  • Russell, JJ; Theriot, JA; Sood, P; Marshall, WF; Landweber, LF; Fritz-Laylin, L; Polka, JK; Oliferenko, S; Gerbich, T; Gladfelter, A; Umen, J; Bezanilla, M; Lancaster, MA; He, S; Gibson, MC; Goldstein, B; Tanaka, EM; Hu, C-K and Brunet, A (2017)
    Non-model model organisms.
    BMC Biology 15, 55 PubMed abstract
  • Huang, J; Chew, TG; Gu, Y; Palani, S; Kamnev, A; Martin, DS; Carter, NJ; Cross, RA; Oliferenko, S and Balasubramanian, MK (2016)
    Curvature-induced expulsion of actomyosin bundles during cytokinetic ring contraction.
    eLife 5, e21383 PubMed abstract
  • Makarova, M; Gu, Y; Chen, J-S; Beckley, Janel R; Gould, Kathleen L and Oliferenko, S (2016)
    Temporal regulation of lipin activity diverged to account for differences in mitotic programs.
    Current Biology 26, 237-243 PubMed abstract
  • Makarova, M and Oliferenko, S (2016)
    Mixing and matching nuclear envelope remodeling and spindle assembly strategies in the evolution of mitosis.
    Current Opinion in Cell Biology 41, 43-50 PubMed abstract
  • Gu, Y and Oliferenko, S (2015)
    Comparative biology of cell division in the fission yeast clade.
    Current Opinion in Microbiology 28, 18-25 PubMed abstract
  • Gu, Y; Yam, C and Oliferenko, S (2015)
    Rewiring of cellular division site selection in evolution of fission yeasts.
    Current Biology 25, 1187-1194 PubMed abstract
  • He, Y; Yam, C; Pomraning, K; Chin, JSR; Yew, JY; Freitag, M and Oliferenko, S (2014)
    Increase in cellular triacylglycerol content and emergence of large ER-associated lipid droplets in the absence of CDP-DG synthase function.
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 25, 4083-4095 PubMed abstract
  • Zhang, D and Oliferenko, S (2014)
    Tts1, the fission yeast homologue of the TMEM33 family, functions in NE remodeling during mitosis.
    Molecular Biology of the Cell 25, 2970-2983 PubMed abstract
  • Vjestica, A; Zhang, D; Liu, J and Oliferenko, S (2013)
    Hsp70-Hsp40 chaperone complex functions in controlling polarized growth by repressing Hsf1-driven heat stress-associated transcription.
    PLOS Genetics 9, e1003886 PubMed abstract
  • Yam, C; Gu, Y and Oliferenko, S (2013)
    Partitioning and remodeling of the Schizosaccharomyces japonicus mitotic nucleus require chromosome tethers.
    Current Biology 23, 2303-2310 PubMed abstract
  • Zhang, D and Oliferenko, S (2013)
    Remodeling the nuclear membrane during closed mitosis.
    Current Opinion in Cell Biology 25, 142-148 PubMed abstract
  • Gu, Y; Yam, C and Oliferenko, S (2012)
    Divergence of mitotic strategies in fission yeasts.
    Nucleus 3, 220-225 PubMed abstract
  • Vjestica, A and Oliferenko, S (2012)
    Nuclear geometry: mitotic nucleus flares out when arrested.
    Current Biology 22, R489-R491 PubMed abstract
  • Zhang, D; Vjestica, A and Oliferenko, S (2012)
    Plasma membrane tethering of the cortical ER necessitates its finely reticulated architecture.
    Current Biology 22, 2048-2052 PubMed abstract
  • Thadani, R; Huang, D and Oliferenko, S (2011)
    Robust polarity specification operates above a threshold of microtubule dynamicity.
    Cytoskeleton 68, 290-299 PubMed abstract
  • Yam, C; He, Y; Zhang, D; Chiam, K-H and Oliferenko, S (2011)
    Divergent strategies for controlling the nuclear membrane satisfy geometric constraints during nuclear division.
    Current Biology 21, 1314-1319 PubMed abstract
  • Castagnetti, S; Oliferenko, S and Nurse, P (2010)
    Fission yeast cells undergo nuclear division in the absence of spindle microtubules.
    PLOS Biology 8, e1000512 PubMed abstract
  • Zhang, D; Vjestica, A and Oliferenko, S (2010)
    The cortical ER network limits the permissive zone for actomyosin ring assembly.
    Current Biology 20, 1029-1034 PubMed abstract

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Snezhana Oliferenko
+44 (0)20 379 63221

  • Qualifications and History

  • 1999, PhD. IMP, Vienna, Austria
  • 2000, Postdoctoral fellow. IMA, Singapore
  • 2002, Established the lab at TLL, Singapore
  • 2013, Moved to the Randall Division at King's College London