Pontus Skoglund

Ancient Genomics Laboratory

Present-day human biology and disease are outcomes of historical evolutionary processes, and large-scale sequencing of ancient DNA now provides the opportunity to directly study the dynamics and signatures of these processes in the human genome through time and space.

The Ancient Genomics Laboratory is committed to understanding the human evolutionary past using ancient DNA and computational genomics. The laboratory will from late 2017 comprise a state-of-the-art clean room for DNA extraction from ancient human and animal skeletal material, as well a major computational focus on statistical population genomics.

From the emergence of anatomically modern humans to the profound lifestyle changes associated with transitions to agriculture and sedentary societies, the research group aims to understand central evolutionary episodes in the human past, and their impact on human societies and health.

Selected publications:

P Skoglund, J Thompson, ME Prendergast, A Mittnik*, K Sirak*, M Hajdinjak*, T Salie*, N Rohland, S Mallick, A Peltzer, A Heinze, I Olalde, M Ferry, E Harney, M Michel, K Stewardson, J Cerezo-Roman, C Chiumia, A Crowther, E Gomani-Chindebvu, AO Gidna, KM Grillo, G Hellenthal, R Helm, M Horton, S Lopez, AZP Mabulla, J Parkington, C Shipton, R Tibesasa, M Welling, V Hayes, DJ Kennett, R Ramesar, M Meyer, S Pääbo, N Patterson, A Morris, N Boivin, R Pinhasi, J Krause, D Reich (2017) Reconstructing prehistoric African population structureCell, 171:59-71

P Skoglund, C Posth, K Sirak, M Spriggs, F Valentin, S Bedford, GA Clark, C Reepmeyer, D Fernandes, Q Fu, E Harney, M Lipson, S Mallick, M Novak, N Rohland, K Stewardson, S Abdullah, MP Cox, FR Friedlaender, JS Friedlaender, T Kivisild, G Koki, P Kusuma, DA Merriwether, F-X Ricaut, JTS Wee, N Patterson, J Krause, R Pinhasi*, D Reich* (2016) Genomic insights into the peopling of the Southwest PacificNature, 538:510-513

P Skoglund, S Mallick, MC Bortolini, N Chennagiri, T Hünemeier, ML Petzl-Erler, FM Salzano, N Patterson, D Reich (2015) Genetic evidence for two founding populations of the AmericasNature, 525:104-108

P Skoglund*, H Malmström*, A Omrak, M Raghavan, C Valdiosera, T Günther, P Hall, K Tambets, J Parik, K-G Sjögren, J Apel, E Willerslev, J Storå, A Götherström, M Jakobsson (2014) Genomic diversity and admixture differs for Stone-Age Scandinavian foragers and farmersScience, 344:747-750

P Skoglund, H Malmström, M Raghavan, J Storå, P Hall, E Willerslev, MTP Gilbert, A Götherström* & M Jakobsson* (2012) Origins and genetic legacy of Neolithic farmers and hunter-gatherers in Europe. Science, 336:466-469

Pontus Skoglund

Pontus Skoglund


  • 2013 PhD in Evolutionary Genetics, Uppsala University
  • 2014 Postdoctoral research fellow, Harvard Medical School
  • 2017 Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute