Animal research

Genetically modified mice.


We are proud of all the work that we do at the Crick, and animals play a key role in many of our research projects.

Our scientists use lots of different research methods to understand the biology of health and disease. The Crick’s science technology platforms offer state of the art technology and expertise like cell cultures and computational techniques to support our scientists.

The Biological Research Facility is the Crick’s animal facility offering services to those researchers who use animals such as mice and fish to answer their research questions. For example, studying the effects of genes on development, or identifying the molecules involved in how cancer spreads.

We know that research can cause suffering to our animals. We weigh up the potential benefits of every research project against its potential harms. 

Every project licence application is subject to ethical and legal oversight.

Meet some of the people who work in the BRF

Animals in Research policy

All work involving animals follows our Animals in Research Policy.