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Data x Biomedical Science Summer Event Series


The Crick, the Alan Turing Institute, the Wellcome Sanger Institute, and Entrepreneur First have joined forces in hosting the Data X Biomedical Science Entrepreneurship Summer Series for postdocs and PhD students working in the Biomedical and Data Sciences.  

As individual organisations and as a collective, we share the same mission- to inspire, support and help create the next wave of scientist-entrepreneurs. Through two highly focused and free to attend virtual sessions, data and biomedical scientists from across the UK will have the opportunity to combine their scientific skills, experiences and insights with entrepreneurial thinking. Through these events, we aim to help participants achieve:

  • A renewed perspective on what's possible when you use your scientific skills to create real world solutions
  • An understanding of foundational entrepreneurial frameworks 

Session one will feature four panellists who will discuss the highs and lows of transitioning from research to entrepreneurship, providing advice and answering participants’ questions live.

Session two is a workshop designed to help scientists discover their edge and how to use it to become a company founder. This will involve practical tips and frameworks to try yourself, as well as interactive breakouts with fellow participants.

When? Tue 13 and 20 July, at 5pm. 

(Please remember that you will need to sign up to each event individually if you would like to attend both. We very much hope you will join us for each session, as they were designed to be complementary to one another.)              

Event one: Why transition from research into entrepreneurship?

Why transition from research into entrepreneurship?

13 July, 5-6:30pm, register here         

Hear insights from our dynamic panel of speakers who have successfully made the transition from researcher to company founder, or have stayed in academia but accomplished entrepreneurial projects alongside.

This session will be hosted by Barbara Domayne-Hayman, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Crick, and is aimed to inspire you as a researcher to see what’s possible when using your skills, experience and insight to achieve real world applications of your science.

Panel Speakers:
    • Professor Chris Holmes, Programme Director for Health and Medical Sciences at The Alan Turing Institute
    • Noor Shaker, founder and CEO of Glamorous AI
    • Patrick Short, co-founder and CEO of Sano Genetics
    • Ijeoma Uchegbu, Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience at the UCL School of Pharmacy, UCL

Have a question for one of our panellists? Submit it, when registering 

Event two: How to discover your edge, and then use it to found a company   

How to use your edge as a researcher to found a company

20 July, 5-7pm, register here    

The Crick, The Turing and the Wellcome Sanger Institutes will set the scene to inspire researchers to explore entrepreneurship as another way to have impact through their science.

This will be followed by an interactive workshop hosted by Entrepreneur First, who will share with participants various entrepreneurial frameworks to try, and encourage participants to consider personal paths from researcher to founder. Interactive breakouts will facilitate networking and peer- to- peer learning.  

Have a question for us? Submit it, when registering.

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