Adrienne Sullivan


I completed my PhD in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology in the lab of Prof. Murray Whitelaw at the University of Adelaide, Australia, studying the molecular function of bHLH PAS transcription factors in cancer biology and monogenic obesity.

I have since moved to London as a postdoctoral researcher, joining the lab of Dr Silvia Santos at the Francis Crick Institute to investigate how transcription factors function at early stages of stem cell differentiation to enforce a committed loss of pluripotency and transition to a differentiated cell fate.

My key interests are in how the molecular dynamics and context of transcription factor proteins control cell behaviour and identity, and the tissue culture labs are my second home.

In the lab

During her post-doc she hopes to acquire new skills in live cell imaging and network modelling to investigate cellular fate commitment.

Outside of the lab

She enjoys reading, travel, wine, and painting. She is powered by cups of tea.


Doodling, reaching things in high places, lab’s “SR” (STPs PR).