Andre Eid

I joined the Gould lab in April 2017 because of an interest in learning about fly genetics, neuroscience, and links between metabolism and physiology. Prior to that I studied physiology and cellular biology as an undergraduate at the University of Strasbourg (formally University Louis Pasteur). I got interested in developmental biology for my Masters studies in the labs of Olivier Pourquié and Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla at the IGBMC in Strasbourg. For my PhD, I focused on chromatin dynamics during the early stages of mouse preimplantation development in the Torres-Padilla Lab and observed that changes in the chromatin landscape are required for replication timing at the very first stage of development in the zygote. Later I pursued this project as a post-doc in Munich at the Helmholtz-Zentrum until joining the Gould lab. My current work will focus on brain sparring in the context of environmental stress. This work will be supported by fellowships from HFSP and EMBO.