Aska (Joanna) Przewrocka

Pronounced Ashka


Aśka obtained her BSc degree in Pharmacology at the University of Edinburgh, and subsequently MSc degree in Experimental Therapeutics at the University of Oxford.


Prior to her PhD, Aśka gained commercial experience as a junior strategy consultant helping diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies bring their companion diagnostics to the European markets.


During her PhD in the lab of Charles Swanton, she focused on characterizing the roles of ZNF516 gene in colorectal cancer tumorigenesis as well as in normal mammalian embryonic development.


Her research interests include the overlap between molecular pathways used by cancer cells during disease progression and embryonic cells during morphogenesis. She is an advocate of stricter quality control steps in experiments relying on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing.


Aśka publishes under the name: Joanna Przewrocka