Bernard Siow is the Head of MRI at the Crick and his research involves developing novel MRI techniques to answer fundamental biomedical questions, as well as translating these techniques into the clinical arena.

A key area of interest are techniques that are sensitive to structures thousands of times smaller compared to the resolution of conventional MRI. These techniques have opened up the possibility to non-invasively examine tissue microstructure and microenvironment in both health and disease.

He has over 45 journal publications, has been invited to speak at national and international conferences, written book chapters on diffusion MRI, and been active in the public engagement of science.

Bernard has a BSc in Physics from Imperial College, an MSc in Medical Physics from KCL, and a PhD in MRI Physics from Newcastle University, as well as working as a Programmer Analyst in the financial services sector. From early 2014 Bernard was key to the design and development of the In Vivo Imaging (IVI) labs and was formally employed at the Crick in August 2014 as the Head of MRI. He has overseen the build of the IVI labs and the installation of a 9.4T MRI scanner. He continues to develop novel MRI techniques for the diverse range of biomedical applications at the Crick.