Chandan Seth Nanda


I am the Lead Scientist for Target Discovery Team at Pear Bio, London. Before joining, Pear Bio, I was a post doc in Mariia Yuneva lab & worked on the CRUK Grand Challenge project: Studying tumour metabolism from every angle. This work focused on oncogene driven, especially MYC, cancer heterogeneity & progression in the breast tissue. During my first postdoc at Sebastian Nijman lab at Ludwig Cancer Research, University of Oxford, I spent 2yrs establishing a multi-omic assay combining high-content high-throughput imaging, genomics & transcriptomics to understand cancer cell heterogenity. Before that I did my DPhil in University of Geneva at Altaba lab, where I worked extensively on WNT signaling in different cancers, especially colon and found a novel WNT inhibitor, established an in vivo shRNA screen and highlighted WNT signaling heterogeneity in colorectal cancer patient samples. WNT still remains my first love!!