Christelle Soudy

Principal Laboratory Research Scientist Medicinal Chemistry (STP)

I am an innovative medicinal chemist with 15 years’ experience in Oncology Drug Discovery gained from Cancer Research Technology and Magnus Life Science. I am a creative and hypothesis driven scientist with expertise in structure-based drug design, having successfully used protein X‐ray co‐crystallography to design highly selective ligands with the right balance of potency and DMPK properties for oncology Lead ID and LO programs.

Collaboration with scientists at Crick and Partner Institutes • Contribution to the scientific rationale and progress of various multidisciplinary projects by providing consultancy/advice in Structure Based Design, Synthesis of small molecules inhibitors and chemical probes • Strongly believe that bringing chemistry and biology much closer and blurring the boundaries between disciplines will create new opportunities to explore target and disease mechanisms and accelerate the translation of the Crick Research.