David Barry

Dave is the resident specialist for all matters image-analysis related. Coming from a background in electronic engineering, he completed his PhD on microbial bioprocess engineering, before spending six years in Michael Way's lab at the LRI as a post-doc. He brings to the CALM facility extensive expertise in bespoke image analysis algorithm and software development to address specific biological questions, covering topics such as image segmentation, object tracking and morphological profiling. But having spent a total of ten years in microbiology and cell biology labs, Dave also has considerable hands-on experience of various experimental procedures involving microscopy, such as live-cell imaging, colocalisation analysis and FRAP/photo-activation.
If you are interested in learning about any of the above-mentioned techniques, or image analysis in general, you can avail of the training workshops Dave organises at The Crick, or join the discussions at the bi-monthly Imaging Help Desk. Alternatively, feel free to contact Dave directly with any queries you may have regarding image analysis, ideally prior to acquiring your images!

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Last updated : 23 January 2021 02:28