David Bauer

David LV Bauer


David obtained a BS in Chemistry from the City College of New York and received a Rhodes Scholarship in 2009. At Oxford, he carried out his doctoral work at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in the lab of Kalim Mir, focused on methods of sequencing single chromosomes using then-nascent Solexa/Illumina sequencing.

He subsequently received a US National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship to carry out biophysics research with Achilles Kapanidis at Oxford. His research focused on RNA polymerases and the use of single-molecule methods to understand transcription initiation in bacteria.

David then joined Ervin Fodor’s group at the Dunn School of Pathology in Oxford to study influenza virus transcription, combining his interests in genomics and RNA. His work has since focused on how virus RNA structure affects replication, transcription, and immune activation. He established his lab at the Francis Crick Institute in 2020.

Qualifications and history

The City College of the City University of New York, USA
BS in Chemistry
University of Oxford, UK
Rhodes Scholar
University of Oxford, UK
DPhil in Clinical Medicine
University of Oxford, UK
US National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Oxford, UK
Postdoctoral Fellow
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Group Leader
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