I am an Academic Foundation Doctor at King’s College Hospital, a Post-doctoral fellow at UCL Cancer Institute and a Translation Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute.


I started training at the University of Cambridge in 2012, taking a MA in Neuroscience in 2015. Next, I joined the MB/PhD programme at UCL, undertaking PhD research between UCL Cancer Institute and the Francis Crick Institute, and graduating with PhD and MBBS degrees in 2022.

The main output of my PhD was the development of a novel biomarker for lung cancer (Biswas et al Nature Medicine 2019). We approached the long-standing challenge of designing a genetic test to predict patient outcomes in lung cancer from a fresh, evolutionary perspective. Combined with machine learning techniques this enabled us to develop ORACLE as a test to identify high-risk patients that may be missed by current clinical criteria. This discovery was highlighted in the national press, including a front-page mention in The Times newspaper. I am currently leading on validation studies towards clinical translation, which could help guide patients and doctors make decisions around the use of chemotherapy in future.

Scientific mentoring is something I am passionate about. To date, I have supervised five MSc students on the UCL Cancer or Precision Medicine programmes, All achieved distinction grades, with two Dean's Prize nominations for topping their year. I am also committed to promoting public engagement with science, including helping to host 'Meet a Scientist' events at the Crick.

I am grateful for generous funding support from Cancer Research UK, the Francis Crick institute, the NIHR UCLH/UCL Biomedical Research Centre, the Jean Shanks Pathology foundation and the UCL MBPhD programme.

Qualifications and history

University of Cambridge, UK
Medicine Tripos, BA
UCL Cancer Institute
Cancer Genomics, PhD
University College London (UCL)
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Evolutionary characterization of lung adenocarcinoma morphology in TRACERx

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