Dinis Calado


Dinis joined Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute (now part of the Francis Crick Institute) as a group leader in 2013 after his postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

His research aims to elucidate mechanisms by which healthy cells of the haematopoietic system become cancerous, with major focus on B lymphocytes. Using state of the art mouse genetics, he has generated bona fide mouse models of cancer, including diffuse large B cell lymphoma, and Burkitt lymphoma, and has identified in vivo subpopulations of B cells with high c-Myc expression, that may represent precursors of these diseases.

Qualifications and history

University of Lisbon, Portugal
PhD in Molecular Immunology
Harvard Medical School, USA
Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard Medical School, USA
Special Fellow of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society
London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK
Established Lab
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Group Leader
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