Dominika Gruszka

I am a molecular biophysicist with a track record in dissecting the physicochemical basis of macromolecular interactions and structure-function relationships of proteins. I started my research career at the Jagiellonian University in Poland, where I did a Master’s degree in physical biochemistry (2003-2008). This was followed by a PhD in structural biology of bacterial surface proteins at the University of York (2008-2013). During my first postdoc at the University of Cambridge (2012-2015), I studied the physicochemical principles that drive folding of multi-domain proteins and underpin their thermodynamic and mechanical stability. In my current project, I investigate nucleosome dynamics during chromatin replication using single molecule imaging in combination with ensemble biochemical approaches.
In 2017 I was elected the Early Career Researcher Representative to the Council of Trustees of the Biochemical Society. Through my work for the Society I support young biochemists and promote molecular bioscience to the wider community.

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