Eiko Ozono

Eiko was awarded a PhD in Medical Science at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2013. She is interested in the malfunctions that transform normal cells into malignancy (the initiation of cancer). Previously, under the supervision of Prof Kiyoshi Ohtani, Eiko published several papers on the regulatory mechanism of cell-fate determination, which focused on suppression or enhancement of cell cycle progression by the transcription factor E2F. Her work revealed how E2F discriminates its tumour suppressor targets from growth-promoting targets (e.g. DNA replication genes). After moving to Britain and completing two postdoctoral positions at Barts Cancer Institute and Babraham Institute, Eiko now works with Dr John Diffley at the Francis Crick Institute. In the Diffley lab, Eiko is studying the mechanism of DNA damage induced by Cyclin E overexpression, and how it affects cell cycle progression. Her current main interest is how errors in DNA/chromosome replication affect cell cycle that can lead to tumourigenesis.