Emma Nolan

Emma completed her PhD in 2017 at the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia. Under the supervision of Professors Jane Visvader and Geoffrey Lindeman, she discovered a novel progenitor population in breast tissue from women carrying a BRCA1 gene mutation, who are at an elevated risk of aggressive breast cancer. Targeting these cells is now the focus of an international phase III breast cancer cancer prevention study for these high risk women.

Emma is now working as a postdoctoral training fellow within the group of Ilaria Malanchi, in the Tumour-Host Interaction Laboratory. Her research focusses on investigating the impact of off-target radiation exposure on healthy lung tissue, using both murine models and 3D cell cultures. The aim of the project is to understand how radiation-induced lung injury may influence the efficacy of radiation therapy for cancer treatment as well as the development of side-effects.