Emma Nye has over two decades’ experience in histology, working primarily in a research setting.

In her first role as a researcher in a drug discovery start-up, Emma was responsible for setting up the histology department. In 2004 she joined the newly-created Experimental Histopathology unit at the London Research Institute, before it became part of the Crick. She played a major role in shaping and organising the lab, and in 2014 she became head of the lab to oversee the transition to the Crick.

Emma conducts and oversees many of the lab’s activities, specialising in mouse dissection, advanced immunohistochemistry and imaging techniques.

Qualifications and history

University of the West of England, UK
BSc Biomedical Sciences
Lorantis Ltd, Cambridge, UK
Research Scientist
Cancer Research UK
Senior Scientific Officer
Cancer Research UK
Operational Lab Head
The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Head of Experimental Histopathology
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