Gabriel Velichkova

Senior Laboratory Research Scientist (SCIENCE)

Originally from Bulgaria, Gabriel completed her MSci (BSc with an Integrated Masters) in Genetics at the University of Manchester (UoM) in 2018.

Her master's project explored the intricate interactions between the Wnt and Notch 4 signalling pathway. Later, she worked in Dr Gino Poulin’s lab at UoM investigating the role of rbbp-5 in C.elegans vulva development and stress responses. She is passionate about exploring how pluripotent embryonic cells commit to specific cell lineages, assemble into tissues, organs and generate an organism.

In the lab

Gabriel joined the QSCB family in May 2022 for a short contract as a maternity cover. Her work focuses on cell cycle remodelling during hESC differentiation, in particular she is interested in understanding how activation dynamics and cellular localisation of key cell cycle regulators affect cell division and cellular identify. 

Outside the lab

She loves reading, travel photography, painting, ice skating and horse-back riding.


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