Giuseppe Nicastro


Giuseppe Nicastro graduated in Chemistry at the University of Florence (Italy) and received a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Padua (Italy). Afterwards he has been: a postdoc at the Division of Structural Biology in the NMR Laboratory of Pharmacia & UpJohn, Nerviano-Milan (Italy) and at the University of Parma (Italy); visiting scientist at EMBL-Heidelberg (Germany); post-doc and investigator scientist in the Division of Molecular Structure of  NIMR-MRC (London-UK) that became part of the Francis Crick Institute in 2015. He is based at the Francis Crick Institute in the Ian Taylor lab as Senior Laboratory research scientist. His research interests are mainly related to the applications of NMR spectroscopy to the study of the structure and function of viral proteins and their interactions.



NMR; structural biology; biophysics; RNA binding-proteins; protein-protein interactions




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